My name is Bo.  Other possible monikers are BoBo, Boseph, Ripper, RandBo, BenBo, and the sixth grade me was called Boner.  Of course, Bo isn’t actually my name.

I grew up in Oklahoma.  Sure, the weather was bi-polar.  And yeah, ok, we didn’t have a single pro team until after I was out of college.  There’s 3.2 beer, bad roads, horrible bridges, and we call Oklahoma City “The City.”  And you know what, all of that is awesome.  I’m writing this blog, because I’m leaving all that behind.  The incredibly friendly people, the devoted fan base of the Thunder, the Fourth of July fun, and most importantly all my friends.

*Update:  I’m Back!*


If you found this, well give yourself a cookie Sherlock, because I don’t plan on telling anyone about it.  But, I’m glad your here.  Leave a note, or don’t, it’s all good.  Range Rover all wood.


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