This is where I will be getting most of my news, inspiration, and fun.  Give them a look if you get the time.

Funny:  – 

Not a ton of updates, but every one of them is awesome. Extra bonus?  The awesome button.

Comedy Gold, and guaranteed laughs.  You should buy his book.


Remember when someone bought that leaked Iphone4?  Yup, it was these guys.  Business ethics may be less than stellar, but you know they’ve got the goods on information.

AOL Owned, and they fired their best writers.  Still, the sites concise and easy to navigate.  More information and reviews; less op-eds than giz.

Tech + Funny:

3-panel comics on gaming culture.  Also, they have an awesome charity called “Childsplay” thrown them a bone if you feel like helping kids and have a soul.

More comics about more gaming/nerd culture.

Comic Books/ Videogames

They inform you about games!

Game info Hub

Covers games, comics, movies, and the like.  Sorta corporatey at times.

Comic book movie news.  To get the most fun out of these you need to read the message boards and check out their nerd-rage.  I weep when I read the posts…. weep with laughter.


These are all pretty similar.  The gist is this:  If you wanna know when something cool like when Chuck is getting picked up, or lame like when True Blood premiers check these out.  Interviews with the stars, dates, “spoilers” and those kinds of things.

Random Information: 

Owner of gizmodo.  Crazy stuff, good reads.


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